Friday, April 23, 2010

"you would have been a great dead head"- mom

The other night i was drinking wine with my mom before i went out. she showed me so many good bands from the 70's/ 80's that I love and need to download. and things we were singing along to, so fun. Four Non Blondes The Grateful Dead Beatles and Janis Joplin.

I chopped all my hair off. not because i wanted to. it was so disgustingly dead from dying it all the colors in the world. I hate myself with short hair. but at least now i have my natural color and natural midddle part back and its healthy for the first time in about 4 freakin years... im so happy its back to normal now and i don have to do anyhting to it and im not cutting it for the entire summer so it can be all natural and long and free! 

Its the weekend, but I wish i didnt have to work 9-5 tomorrow, its the worst. such a long day but after were all gonna do something for dan and james' birthday so that should be fun. Its beautiful outside, I walked to get my nails done today. im gonna go smoke with my best friend now in this gorgeous weather =]

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