Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeding the Harbor Cats

Tonight my aunt took me with her to feed the stray cats in Hewlett Harbor. She has been feeding them for about two years now. Every night she drives to this cul-de-sac in the harbor around 5PM and feeds the cats. When they hear her car coming, all six of them coming running out from the bushes to greet her. It really is amazing because of all the cars passing all the time. There are three black and whites, one all black, one white and brown, and one tabby just like my cat Shamrock.
Her dedication for those cats is beautiful. If is wasn't for her they might not have survived at all, especially with the harsh winter we had last year and the cold weather approaching. She even took them all home when they were younger to have them fixed.


(sorry about the photo quality! Used my cell)

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