Sunday, August 28, 2011


On Wednesday I went to my dance friends summer house in Riverhead. Kait and I get along so well. I completely believe in the statement "age is just a number" because she'll be 16 next month. I got to her summer house around 1PM and we went straight to the beach. The little town she lives in in Riverhead is called Woodcliff Park. When I drove in (after getting a little lost...typical) I fell in love immediately. All little tiny beach houses, everything is walking distance, hilly roads, no one wears shoes. You get no cell service so to find her friends we had to just walk around or go to their houses.
After the beach we went to Michael's with her friends and bought a tie-dyeing kit and made tee shirts. We had dinner on the deck with her mom, got ready and headed down to the beach for a bonfire. I also fell in love with her friends. Getting away and meeting new people, even if only for a night so a wonderful escape. At Michael's we also bought glow in the dark paint for the night. We painted all over ourselves (and it glowed!) while drinking beers and listening to music. Such a good night. I want to go back to Woodcliff as soon as possible. Kaits mom invited me up for labor day weekend and I might take up that offer. I love kaitin.

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