Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yesterday in my communications class we had a sub and did an awesome exercise. She gave everyone a small blank piece of paper and on it she told us to write a secret. Completely anonymous A secret that we would only tell to a very close friend or maybe no one at all. If you didnt want to participate you just leave the paper blank. Then one person would stand in front of the class and read them. My whole class is friendly with each other so it was really really interesting to see what people wrote down and not know who wrote what. Some of the thing were I've spelt with over 100 women, I had an abortion 3 days ago, My girlfriend cheated on me with a married man, I got arrested for marajuana, I still sleep with a stuffed animal, I'm a virgin and waiting till marriage and a lot of them were blank. I Honestly had about 4 or 5 secrets I could have wrote. I picked one. It was like a live Post Secret in one class room.

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