Tuesday, September 14, 2010

yin-yang. so I sprained my right foot on saturday night, obviously couldn't go to my dance competition on sunday. I'm in a soft cast and on crutches until monday. I'm going a little crazy in my house but I have my book, my sister, and tom and denise to visit me :). I can't go to work or school though which is very annoying because I need money and I'm going to be behind in my classes but what can you do...

Today is my moms birthday. Were going out to dinner tonight so I'll finally be getting out of the house for once since saturday. I feel terrible that I couldn't get her something but I can't drive so she understood. I am soso happy the fall weather is finally here. I cant wait to have a fall woodstock trip with tom natalie and pete next month. It'll be so beautiful this time of year.