Sunday, September 19, 2010

it's like a natural high...

driving down a random street i see denise sitting on the curb in a huge bright pink puffy dress waiting for james to graduate high school. i pull over. the graduating class comes walking down the block like a parade, people everywhere. I see emily, we hug, excited to see each other. then i see him. I say oh fuck my ex is here I have to go. I walk home. I walk into my house, a huge mansion. my mother is home and there are two of my sisters. I asked what the fuck was going on and she says "margaret what is wrong with you there has always been two of Briannah" I run upstairs so confused and anxiety ridden. cait comes in my room "come on let's go to the graduation party" i respond "no i dont want to see them" she chugs a beer, "we'll keep our distance" I look out my window and people are everywhere, drinking, laying on the grass, sleeping in tents, a huge party and all I want to do is sleep. I go with caitlin. shes pushing me in a shopping cart through the crowd. I see them. him in his green t-shirt,  her arms around his waist. cait turns the cart in the opposite direction. I realize I left my car there earlier when I saw denise, and now I cannot find it. Im franticly looking for it everywhere screaming I cannot find my car. I see it parked between two trailers, I'm not able to get out. forced to stay there, and watch them. as I fucking die inside. then I woke up.

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