Tuesday, April 20, 2010


happy 420. I'm floating like a bird right now. I feel like a bird right now. I wish I could fly. i had a dream the other night that i was a vampire and i could fly i was flying all over it was so amazing and so realistic and vivid. ugh i loooove good dreams and being high by myself.

I had a dentist appointment today... I don't think I have to get my wisdom teeth removed thank god. the dentist recommended braces...no way. i'm starting to like the gap in between my front teeth...or just getting used of it. whatever, It could always be worse. Thats what I always say.

 after me and my mom made salads at the little Asian salad bar place by my house. we ate them with my aunt and grandma and talk about life in her backyard while they had coffee and cigarettes. Picked up my baby from school and went over nonnies. It was so good seeing both my of grandmothers today. I really need to start seeing them more. I always feel free spirited after I see either one of them.

I am rambling so horribly right now. I'm going to clean my room, which i canoot wait to do over, work 5-9 aka read 5-9, and see where the night takes me...

"Even when I was content, I often felt removed, as though I were watching everyone else through a sheet of glass." - Bloodletting


  1. I was going to put up that same photo of the girl topless on my next post!!!!!

  2. take advantage of the time you can see your grandmothers. i've lost one on my dad's side, and i'm scared to lose the ones from my stepmom's and mom's side.

    :( later, you'll wish you spent more time seeing them and learning about lifeee.

  3. i think about that so much how i need to make time to go see them more often. im sorry for your loss.